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Ironmonger Brewing is your craft brew destination in Marietta, with the perfect combination of award-winning beers, an Axe Throwing Range, and vibrant taproom.

We aim to serve exceptional beers to hard workers of all backgrounds, in a friendly and welcoming taproom. our beers are well-made, honestly served, and truly enjoyed. So, sit back, have a beer, and
...forge your own path.

Axe Throwing

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Regular Hours/Rates/Rules:
Wed/Thurs 6-9pm, Fri 4-10pm,
Sat 2-10pm, Sun 1-6pm
last reservation one hour before close
(Mon-Thurs Hrs Coming Soon)
$35/2 Hours, $20/1 Hour   
(Per Person, One Pour Included -
excludes beers over 8% ABV
non-alcoholic drink may be substituted)

* Min Age: 18, Without Parent Supervision
* Age 15-17, Parent Supervision required
* ID Required
* Signed Waiver Required
* Closed-Toed Shoes Required
* Play is at Sole Discrection of Coaches/Managemenet, Based on Evaluation of Participants' Behavior.
* No Refunds for Cancelled Play,
Due to Cause.
* Time CANNOT be extnded for Late Arrivals, Unless Space Permits.
* Walk-Ins Wecome if Space Permits
* Taxes, Fees, Tips NOT Included.

Group Rates:
* $30 Per Person, per 2 Hour Session
* Reservations Required
* Minimum of 8 People for Private Lane
(2 Targets)
* One Private Lane (2 Targets)
for Every 12 People
* Maximum of 36 People Throwing

Special Gift Card Group Discount:
* Cards Available in Taproom
* Limited Time Offer
* $75 for 4 People, 1 Hr, Four Pours
(excludes beers over 8% ABV)
(non-alcoholic drink may be substituted)
* Reservations Required

For Reservations, Email Us at
or Call 678-742-8551.